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Infidelity Is One Of The Most Painful Experiences You Will Ever Go Through

I Know Because I've Been There.

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Experiencing The Devastation & Pain Of Infidelity Can Be A Lonely Journey


Even if your spouse takes the steps to end the affair and rebuild your marriage, you may still find yourself living with grief, anger, and infidelity triggers.

Your physical and emotional well-being are so important - and both are impacted by infidelity.

Did you know it can take YEARS to recover from infidelity without support?


I Know. It's Not Fair Is It?

You didn't have a say in any of this, and you certainly are not to blame for what happened.

But now you are left to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart and life.

That's why I wrote a complimentary infidelity email course that you can start right away!

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Discover A Way To Work Through Infidelity Grief.

You don't have to carry the pain locked away inside your heart forever.

Doing the things that will help you through infidelity grief matters.

The Email Course Can Help You With:

  • Sleeping better at night.
  • Feeling more energy and motivation.
  • Releasing the pain and sorrow in your heart.
  • Reducing the desire to eat, drink, or drug to deal with your painful feelings.
  • Reduce the trips to the doctor due to illness.

The "Back From Betrayal Heartbreak," Email Course Can Help You.

I've included some of the same strategies I used to overcome emotional pain after infidelity betrayal.

  • You will learn the top 2 strategies I used to overcome personal infidelity grief.
  • Dozens of studies support the effectiveness of these 2 strategies,  although I didn't know that until after I had experienced it for myself.
  • You will also learn 10 additional ways to help yourself after betrayal heartbreak.

  • I've included a list of infidelity recovery resources you can use for additional support.

In 2001 - Life After betrayal

Feeling better, embracing personal growth, and starting a brand new life without betrayal.